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dark matter
> 1 year ready! ready! Adds 1 planetFinish actual research immediatelyFinish random build immediatelyForm 3 parts of random moonRepair most damaged ship by 10 levelsRandom factory building level upRandom logistic building level upRandom research level up (except colonization)Finish longest expedition immediatelyAdds 1 moon SPOILER ALERT 52.472.761.483*
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
GrenoZee2016-09-07 13:28:27
Artifakt Multi Use

Adam, maybe you have noticed: sometimes (and I can't figure out any pattern yet) when using the Multi Use feature, the amount filled in the entry field is smaller than the amount of available items. No biggie but for a perfectionist something to look at ;)

Also, would it be too much work to place the amount field to the artifact list itself and execute the multi use straight from there?

Thanks for considering.

Adam2016-09-07 13:41:35
Yes, some days ago I changed the suggested number to use, mostly for safety and comfort reason:

- Adds 1 planet
- Finish actual research immediately
Default number is 1 because of the safety reason (nobody wants to use 2000 of them at one time...)

- Finish random build immediately
Suggested number limited to number of planets you have

Form 3 parts of random moon
- No suggestion

Repair most damaged ship by 10 levels
- Suggested number limited to task "Mechanic" number left (very useful)

Random factory building level up
Random logistic building level up
Random research level up (except colonization)
Finish longest expedition immediately
- No suggestion

Adds 1 moon
- Suggested number limited to task "Creator" number left (very useful)

GrenoZee2016-09-08 09:39:58
Oh, that makes lot of sense indeed. I haven't seen anything in the change log so it was a bit confusing.
Thanks and "dobrá práce!"

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