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dark matter
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
Adam2016-12-23 21:35:10
Updates at the end of 2016

Hi everybody!
It was some time from the last update. To the end of 2016 in the holiday time I'm gonna apply some changes:

- add more discovery - probably 100 will be the last one
- [DONE] fix error(?) at last discovery
- [DONE] getting reward from galaxy planets include to autostart everything automater
- [DONE] buildings maximum levels will be 50
- limits on artefacts in stock. maximum possible artefacts hold will be about 10.000
- I'm also thinking of decreasing moon parts from 50 to 40 or less...
- more than a year inactive players will be deleted

And btw, the main reason I didn't do any updates lately was because I bought a PS4 and played all the time like a lunatic :|

patashnik2016-12-23 22:24:56
What game did you play?

SurisCheese2016-12-23 22:34:50
Adam what games with multiplayer you play on PS4?

Adam2016-12-23 23:17:05
I dont't play multi-player at all, I suck at all PvP games.
I bought this console 5 months ago and already have 50 games - boxes and digitals.
Mostly play in adventure games plus some action adventures like Rise of Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, Last of Us etc. - also I love LEGO games and Telltale series.
My nick is homix73
And a week ago I sold my PS4 to my sister and bought Pro for 60 fps :)

SurisCheese2016-12-24 07:49:12
Added you as a friend, i haven't touched my PS4 for a long time stuck on PC with "Path of Exile" game :)

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