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dark matter
> 1 year ready! 1h 46m Adds 1 planetFinish actual research immediatelyFinish random build immediatelyForm 3 parts of random moonRepair most damaged ship by 10 levelsRandom factory building level upRandom logistic building level upRandom research level up (except colonization)Finish longest expedition immediatelyAdds 1 moon SPOILER ALERT 52.472.761.483*
Σ 32424 3599 ready! 57 76/100 10000/10000
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Any suggestions, question, bug reports are very welcome.
SubjectUserLast post
Change log (25)Adam2020-06-20 19:27:50
by Adam
Error when creating Moons (5)Ccharumace2020-01-15 12:38:00
by Adam
Score system (0)Coyote2020-01-11 20:10:12
by Coyote
Who are you? (3)MikkelKH2019-10-15 08:18:28
by Tsomo
moons (1)xxx2019-10-01 16:14:09
by xxx
Damage ship (0)Tanjay2019-08-10 15:47:33
by Tanjay
Discovery (3)Sthele2018-12-12 20:53:58
by Guitarbage
Planet sacrificing and master points question. (2)Rindlet2018-10-15 03:07:21
by MarcB
Form all moons button (2)Yimah2018-09-03 11:45:08
by Yimah
New players tip (2)Karlos2018-08-19 19:28:42
by Rindlet
TASKS (1)SurisCheese2017-09-15 07:10:35
by Adam
Feel free to comment (23)Adam2017-06-06 22:38:07
by MikkelKH
Wrong levels for sacrifice at Masters (1)SurisCheese2017-02-07 15:16:22
by Adam
FIRST ANNIVERSARY event till 13 Feb (0)Adam2017-01-13 18:15:12
by Adam
Building level limit explanation (0)Adam2016-12-24 10:28:45
by Adam
Updates at the end of 2016 (4)Adam2016-12-24 07:49:12
by SurisCheese
Bug on Mega Discovery (0)SurisCheese2016-11-23 17:51:55
by SurisCheese
Artifakt Multi Use (2)GrenoZee2016-09-08 09:39:58
by GrenoZee
New LIMITS! (2)Adam2016-08-29 19:51:47
by Adam
Build all shortest time (5)GrenoZee2016-08-28 10:49:00
by GrenoZee
Collection (2)SurisCheese2016-08-25 10:04:49
by Adam
TO DO list (0)Adam2016-06-06 18:31:25
by Adam
Collection duplicates bug (3)GrenoZee2016-06-06 18:22:46
by Adam
Ships time - answer for Octangula (2)Adam2016-06-04 10:10:33
by Adam
Error (3)SurisCheese2016-05-21 19:09:42
by Dimachaerus
Collection items from empy galaxy space (13)Adam2016-05-20 20:32:22
by Adam
Repair ship damage artefact (3)Adam2016-04-30 17:53:27
by Adam
Mega Discovery upgrade (4)Adam2016-04-06 19:36:13
by Dimachaerus
GALAXY (15)Adam2016-04-02 09:07:19
by Adam
Overnumbered planets of players without "spent" master points (8)Dimachaerus2016-03-29 17:41:37
by Dimachaerus
Stuck task (1)Jardasu2016-03-23 19:48:09
by Adam
Sacrifice planets (7)Dimachaerus2016-03-04 13:24:02
by Karlos
Database server crash (0)Adam2016-02-25 08:04:21
by Adam
Free ships and artefacts for old players (1)Adam2016-02-13 13:54:15
by Dimachaerus
Release version 1.0 (0)Adam2016-01-13 22:00:40
by Adam
Planning changes (0)Adam2015-11-22 09:46:36
by Adam

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