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dark matter
ready! ready! ready! Adds 1 planetFinish actual research immediatelyFinish random build immediatelyForm 3 parts of random moonRepair most damaged ship by 10 levelsRandom factory building level upRandom logistic building level upRandom research level up (except colonization)Finish longest expedition immediatelyAdds 1 moon SPOILER ALERT 120.653
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Sacrifice your planets to increase stars size.
The more levels on planet the more matter you supply to stars.
Every moon on a planet gives +1 to levels.
By scarifying planet with 140+ levels you get 1 master point.
Neutron StarsΣ matter: 1
E1119Levels: 64+7Sacrifice for: 152.589
E1149Levels: 66+6Sacrifice for: 158.683
E1194Levels: 69+6Sacrifice for: 177.898
E1075Levels: 74+9Sacrifice for: 236.275
E1093Levels: 78+3Sacrifice for: 220.677
E940Levels: 115+5Sacrifice for: 663.296
E911Levels: 122+10Sacrifice for: 866.178
PulsarsΣ matter: 26.702
R1224Levels: 50+6Sacrifice for: 78.510
R1193Levels: 57+4Sacrifice for: 99.752
R1196Levels: 72+4Sacrifice for: 184.620
R1198Levels: 72+4Sacrifice for: 184.620
R1118Levels: 78+7Sacrifice for: 252.565
R924Levels: 99+9Sacrifice for: 493.840
R914Levels: 113+7Sacrifice for: 663.296
R920Levels: 114+6Sacrifice for: 663.296
White DwarfsΣ matter: 4.394
M1260Levels: 41+12Sacrifice for: 67.293
M1045Levels: 87+7Sacrifice for: 334.779
M927Levels: 105+5Sacrifice for: 519.876
Brown DwarfsΣ matter: 9.010
O1217Levels: 55+4Sacrifice for: 90.863
O1136Levels: 63+13Sacrifice for: 184.620
O1147Levels: 64+5Sacrifice for: 140.857
O951Levels: 98+4Sacrifice for: 420.805
O941Levels: 101+9Sacrifice for: 519.876
Red DwarfsΣ matter: 1
I1262Levels: 30+3Sacrifice for: 17.858
I946Levels: 100+8Sacrifice for: 493.840
Yellow DwarfsΣ matter: 0
C1250Levels: 39+5Sacrifice for: 39.964
C1208Levels: 55+6Sacrifice for: 99.752
C952Levels: 95+4Sacrifice for: 387.060
C917Levels: 108+7Sacrifice for: 588.781
C925Levels: 111+4Sacrifice for: 588.781
Blue DwarfsΣ matter: 0
T1197Levels: 67+7Sacrifice for: 171.336
Red GiantsΣ matter: 10.305
R1195Levels: 50+5Sacrifice for: 74.648
R1216Levels: 53+7Sacrifice for: 95.241
R1116Levels: 68+5Sacrifice for: 164.932
R1063Levels: 75+7Sacrifice for: 228.391
Blue GiantsΣ matter: 66.433
A1225Levels: 61Sacrifice for: 99.752
A1108Levels: 67Sacrifice for: 129.721
A1105Levels: 76Sacrifice for: 184.620
Blue SupergiantsΣ matter: 1
V1256Levels: 35+8Sacrifice for: 37.472
V1234Levels: 43+5Sacrifice for: 50.989
V1226Levels: 49+9Sacrifice for: 86.616
V1233Levels: 54+5Sacrifice for: 90.863
V1098Levels: 75+6Sacrifice for: 220.677
V1092Levels: 79+5Sacrifice for: 244.333
V957Levels: 103+6Sacrifice for: 506.751
V933Levels: 107+8Sacrifice for: 588.781
V923Levels: 120+10Sacrifice for: 829.930
Yellow SupergiantsΣ matter: 3.806
G1148Levels: 56+7Sacrifice for: 109.183
G1218Levels: 57+4Sacrifice for: 99.752
G1054Levels: 67+5Sacrifice for: 158.683
Black Hole

Black hole is the sum of all matter from all your stars.
Your black hole size is:


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